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Without a general knowledge of how or when insurance comes into play in your plan or how Health, Drugs, Dental & Vision benefits are priced, determining the right financing strategy for your group is nearly impossible.  All employers pay 100% of the day-to-day Health, Drug, Dental & Vision expenses incurred by their staff,  plus an administration fee.  Insurance is in the form of Government or Private "Catastrophic Loss" insurance.  quickFacts explains the above and gives the reader a simple look at how insurance and pricing works as well as discloses how non-refundable excess premiums are collected in your plan.



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Traditional Styled Plans 


TraditionRX are traditional plans placed with one carrier for all benefits.


TraditionRX-PLUS plans are comprised of multiple suppliers, all combined one single invoice.  







HYBRID Styled Plans  (insured ASO & ASO/TPA)


HYBRIDRX  plans are the popular "self-funded" plans utilizing one insurance supplier for insured products and another supplier for day-to-day  expenses/administration.


HYBRIDRX-PLUSplans combine multiple suppliers onto one invoice for ease of adminstration.



What is the industry saying.....

RX and RX-PLUS Strategies





Whether you consider yourself a risk taker or you hold your cards close to your chest, there is no debate amongst the well informed that the proper application of "situation specific" insurance products is the most effective way to reduce  or defer taxation.  Tax deferred growth, probate bypass, wealth transfer, death of a partner and 

retirement are only a few of  the areas where insurance can help!


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