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For those staff members wanting to build a nest-egg for their retirement, an employer sponsored Register Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) can be very helpful in  those goals. 


For business owners and the their key executives, Indiviual or Personal Pension Plans (IPP/PPP) can be a home-run! 

  • Immediate Tax Benefits are realized by the employee.  That is, there is no tax incurred by the employee on funds deposited into their RRSP or DPSP account.  The investment growth within the fund, including interest, dividends and capital gains is tax deferred as well. Only when funds are withdrawn does income tax become payable.


  • RRSP's & DPSP's provide the advantage of the Home Buyers' & LifeLong Learning loans. There are no taxes applied at time of withdrawal for these programs however, the borrowed money must be repaid under a set schedule.


  • Not being subject to Pension Standards Legislation  allows much broader flexibility in tailoring the plan's rules.  Although the plan must be registered, there is no government reporting required by the employer.  As well, tax receipts for plan members are issued by the service provider. 


  • "Target Dated" funds......pick your expected retirement date and your RRSP will automatically reduce its risk exposure as that date draws near.  Great opportunity for those not intimately involved with the management of their fund..

  • Voluntary deposits allow plan members to increase their investment in support of their retirement goals. 


  • IPP & PPP plans can allow for substatially higher contributions than an RRSP program:


  • do not attract payroll expenses,

  • funding and administration expenses are a fully deductible business expense,

  • under certain conditions can claw-back to 1991,

  • can have defined benefit or define contribution choices.

  • "defined benefit" choice allows locking in of pension benefit.

  • IPP's are creditor proof while most RRSP's are not.

Health Benefit


  • electronic claims submission

  • "NO FEE" Drug Card

  • bilingual call centre

  • Emergency Travel

  • Out-of-Province/Country Student coverage

  • Retirement Benefits 

  • Health Spending Accounts


Provincial & Stop-Loss coverages handle the big Health expenses for your staff however, this benefit picks-up those "consumable" expenses that aren't covered.  Drugs deductibles are the biggest expense your plan will face in this Health section.  Choice of drugs covered & management, accurate claims adjudication/delivery should be where your focus is.


The employer pays 100% of the cost of consumables plus an adminstration fee for these benefits.

Dental Benefit


Low income aside, there are no Dental coverages included in the Provincial plan.  It's not unusual for annual "consumable" expenses for Dental to exceed Health.  Quite simply, all Dental expenses incurred by your staff are your responsibility to pay.  This is a group benefit highly relied on and, its design and delivery is scrutinized by your staff.


  • Basic, Major & Orthodontic coverage

  • Health Spending Accounts

  • Direct payment to dentist office

  • Accidental damage to teeth

  • Adjustible Co-insurance and Deductibles

  • Health  Spending Accounts

  • Retirement Benefits


The employer pays 100% of the cost of consumables plus an adminstration fee for these benefits.


Life, Dependent Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Short & Long Term Disability Insurances are crucial in providing financial security for your staff and their loved ones.
  • Life & Dependent Life Insurance


       Provides life insurance protection in the

       event of the untimely death of a staff member,

       spouse or child dependent. 


  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance


        For a covered member, this benefit can match

        or double the the Life insurance benefit in

        the event of accidental death.        


        In the event of Hemiplegia, Paraplegia or

        Quadraplegia, of a covered member, up to

        200% of the Life insurance benefit may be



  • Short Term Disabilty Insurance 


       Provides  a weekly income for a short

       period of time, 15 weeks generally, when a

       staff member is not able to maintian their

       work schedule due to illness or accident.


       These are invaluable benefits when

       continuing an income during

       unexpected disability is desired.


       The majority of our plans are set-up so that

       members receive their disability benefits



       We look at Contract Wording and the

       Ability to Pay claims when selecting your

       carrier for these coverages.

Designed Coverages
for all Company Divisions & Classes.
Informed Choices - Valued Solutions

Health, Dental & Vision - Life and Disbility Insurance & Investment

Vision Benefit


Members generally think of eye glasses, frames, lenses etc. with this benefit and, those are included.   However, we feel your staff's safe & clear vison dictates that proper exam techniques and procedures be included in the coverage as well.  Proper financial planning will offset the added cost of providing this additional coverage.

Our HYBRIDRX plans are the only effective vehicles that offer traditional styled plans, Drug Card, point-of-purchase
Dental coverage etc. which include a 100% refund of any and all "EXCESS, UNUSED PREMIUM"
at the end of each 12 month coverage period!

FACT:  Health, Dental & Vision Benefit Expenses are 100% "Experience Rated" 


Insured group benefit programs are priced with the expectation that the employer pays 100% of the total cost of all claims incurred by its' staff for:

                                                     - Provincial Health deductibles and/or co-insurances,

                                                     - those eligible products and services, included in your plans design, but not covered under your

                                                       Provincial Health coverages,

                                                     - those eligible Health, Dental and Drug expenses, included in your plans design, up to your   

                                                       plans Stop-Loss attchment point,

                                                     - the Administration Fees charged by your carrier to manage your plan.

  • Long Term Disabilty Insurance 


       Much the same as Short Term Disability

       however, this benefit is paid on a monthly

       basis instead of weekly.


       Again, like the Short Term Disability

       benefit, if one becomes disabled, the

       value of this benefit is unmatched. 

       Disability benefits are quite simply the

       foundation protecting the claimants

       financial stability.


       Any benefits received from this coverage

       are usually set-up on a  "Tax-Free" basis.

       Paying particular attention to contract

       wording allows our clients to make

       coverage choices that see this product

       protecting the way they intended it to.


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Jim reviewed my group benefits plan and pointed out a number of flaws including a potential liability problem.  When Jim finished customizing our plan we ended up with much better contract wording and benefits, all at a reduced price.  Service?  Can't be beat!


George Beckta - President, (retired)    

Winnipeg,   Manitoba

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