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The uneasiness of sitting down and having a chat about corporate & estate tax planning, divulging personal and corporate information to strangers can be, for most people, a daunting experience.   Why is this?  The reasons are many but, two really seem to stand out.  


First is KNOWLEDGE.  Simply, for the topic at hand, "Corporate and Personal" tax planning, this can be an "out-of-comfort zone" experience.  Many deny it but, the facts are that few comprehend the complexity of the matter at hand and, for the most part, find the topics at hand confusing and hard to follow.  You would like a positive end result but, you have know idea if what you're being told, and how to get there, is factual or smoke & mirrors.  Acknowleding that you are not equipped to make an informed decision on these topics is your first step to success in determining if there is a tax effective approach that will work for you and/or your company through the use of the various insurance products offered through Canadian insurance corporations.


Second is TRUST.  We have know idea how you can trust in your decision, or how can you trust the messengers, when you cannot trust in your knowledge of what is going to be discussed.  This is real and the sooner we can deal with this, the sooner trust will not be an issue and you can focus your attention on results! 


So how does this happen? How do we help you with the trust issue regarding our advice and solutions that might be applicable to your situation?  


For any strategy that we suggest, recommend or otherwise feel of value to your situation

we will not proceed to the implementation stage until we have had an opportunity to introduce our suggestions

to your trusted legal, and/or accounting tax advisors.  In many cases their inclusion is required

before our reviews and recommendations can be  started.  

This is a simple and common sense approach to real issue at hand.  They know tax, we know solutions. 





The Canadian Income Tax Act (the Act)  contains within it certain tax reduction/deferral opportunities.... income splitting, trusts, pension/RRSP etc.   However, the Act does not  advertise  or broadcast to  business owners, their tax accountants or lawyers, the special tax treatment of insurance.  Applying that special tax treatment  to the rules and regulations within the Act can often times prove quite rewarding.



Did you know that insurance has often been called the "Hidden Solution"   to........


-  The Double Tax On Private Company Shares At Death

-  Improving Your Tax Deferred Savings Potential

-  Tax Effective Philanthropy Objectives

-  Avoiding The Up To 50% Tax On Surplus Corporate Cash At Time 

   of Withdrawal

-  Protecting Your Corporation At The Untimely Death Of A Partner 

-  The Burgeoning Tax Bite Of Business Succession


I invite you to open the door to tax effective strategies that can improve the corporate and personal tax bite you're facing now, or will be in the future!



         Kind regards,


     Jim DuBois




Retirement & Tax Planning

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