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This Products & Services section is meant to help the reader understand some of the tools we can bring to the table in helping companies control costs and manage benefit delivery at price points favourable to the financial bottom line. Under the right set of circumstances, one billing statement can encompass a number of products provided from multiple suppliers. Today's technology allows this to happen and, this ability can be helpful in streamlining the administration process for the client.






One of the most reoccurring themes I see with Health, Dental & Vision benefit pricing is a complete lack of understanding regarding the pricing of Health, Dental & Vision group benefits.  It makes no difference if it's the CEO, CFO, Department Manager, Head of HR or anywhere in between that I'm speaking with, it's just a mixed bag of misunderstandings.   How can that be?  It's driven, for the most part, by what we've all been taught through the years by the industry in general which is.....brokers are all the same, get quotes, take the lowest price and move on!  Unfortunately, belief in that process creates the financial disaster which the majority of plans find themselves in today.  Without the tools to identify this disaster things stay the way they always have, a financial mess!

In the tabs row at the top of this page, the third tab is labeled "Strategies".  In that section is an in-depth look at how Health, Drug, Dental & Vision coverage's are priced, regardless of the size of a group. Once in the "Strategies" tab, sellect the "quickFacts" button for the information on how financing and risk really work. 


So you know, I sympathize with the lay person in trying to understand pricing.  Many times when I'm negotiating client renewals, carrier conversations with me can leave me dizzy and scratching my head.  To illustrate my frustration with carriers on pricing, I submit the below "Ma & Pa Kettle" comedy skit


For a good chuckle, watch the skit and pretend that you and I are Billy, and Ma & Pa Kettle are the carriers.  I think you'll figure out the rest! 




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