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There's no debate over the  high cost of employee turnover.  Surveys point to the company group benefit plan as key in attracting and & retaining new and valuable employees.   


As important as your plans pricing is, I've yet to meet anyone who understands it.  My space is limited here but, if you're not the owner reading this, please get your owner to do so.  He/She will want to hear about our Forensic Audit and HYBRIDRX programs


These tools unlock the confussion of group benefit pricing for your management staff.  Quotes and lowest price are dead end roads!


The tab "Strategies" tackles the

in's and out's of group benefit pricing, where excess primum is in your plan and what you can do about it. Our Forensic Audit finds it and the HYBRIDRX eliminates it.


As a suggestion, the companies financial decision maker should be at the forefront of any discussions on the financial impact of our approach.



Maintaining a properly functioning and up-to-date office enviroment is  key in delivering top-notch service to our clients.


Being involved with clients on a regular basis keeps us informed  of their needs  as well as any particular service requirement that may come up.  Being the go between for our clients, when dealing with carriers, provides an opportunity for them to devote more attention to the needs of their staff  & company.



Utilizing the expertise of Canada's leading carriers is key to any successful tax planning outcome.  Whether it be Corporate and/or Personal Estate planning, Retirement Strategies or Tax Reduction, the favourable tax treatment of insurance makes it the #1 choice for valuable results.  

See more information in the "Strategies" section 


For Group Benefits, our "Forensic Audit" provides you with factual information on the validity of your  plans pricing.  With this  knowledge, Executive and Management can make informed decisions.  Our carrier supported "HYBRIDRX, HYBRIDRX-PLUS & LEGACY" plans could be the opportunity your company has been looking for!

Our Mission

Our Mission is quite simple....

to support our clients with efforts that produce verifiable financial results while providing the products & services which meet, or exceed, your company's coverage requirements & expectations.

We are a Consulting, Brokerage & Third Party Administration company headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our 22 year experience allows us to provide valuable insight in the structuring of  benefit coverages as well as helping employers stick-handle through the intricate process of understanding their  plans financial position from both an employer and carrier perspective. 


Our proprietary and no-charge, "Forensic Audit"  removes the uncertainty of not knowing where your plans financial position is.


We are a full disclosure firm.  It is important for us that you understand where you've been, where you are today and, where you're headed tomorrow. 


If the ever increasing expense to deliver group benefits finds you looking for something different, perhaps a more results orientated

approach, we can be a great choice for your company.  Mutually beneficial and successful business relationships are what we strive for and encourage.

Kind words

Sometimes insurance company call centers can be confusing and, well, kind of hard to deal with.  I guess if one speaks their language everything is fairly clear but, that isn't me.


I have spoken with Lori on occassion, and while I know I should be dealing directly with the call centre or my administrator,  it is very nice to be able to speak with one person (start to finish) and Lori has been very helpful. 


Thank you Choice Group Benefits (Lori). 


Appreciative member, Winnipeg

I've gotta say,  Jim sure knows this game.  I was directed to him by our plan adminisrator.  Let me say right out of the gate, I've never spoken with a plan consultant before and, wasn't too sure how that was going to play out.


My problem was my drug card. It wouldn't work and the carrier's call centre couldn't figure it out so,  I called Jim.  Jim nailed the problem in less than 5 minutes.  I had forgotten that I used my middle initial on my application but at my drug store I had omitted it.  A few questions from Jim and he fixed what the carrier's call centre couldn't.


Impressed member, Edmonton

Partnering with Canada's leading Insurance, Benefit & Pension suppliers and Administrators 

provides personal and family security for your staff  while adding value

to their employment experience at your company.


If your company has been looking for effective benefit & financial management of their program,

our industry first  "Forensic Audits" and  "HYBRIDRX" plans  are

new and exciting opportunities you don't want to miss!

I had a heart attack in Hawaii.  I telephoned Jim from the hospital and all he said was, "I'll look after it".  Back in Winnipeg bills started coming in......I called Jim.  He picked up all the bills and I never heard another thing about it.  I received over 100K in bills and Jim made them disappear.


I'm retired now but Jim stills looks after my old company's 200 employees.  As well, all my emergency travel coverage is handled by Jim and he helped me negotiate until-death Health & Dental retirement coverage with the purchaser of my business. 


Jim has always gone the extra yard.  He's never let us down.  Good Guy!


Retired Business Owner, Winnipeg

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141 Invermere Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3Y 1P7



PH: 204-231-4371

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Monday - Friday 

9:00 am to 5:00 pm




Jim brings clarity and understanding to the intricate nature of group benefits.  His helpful style has allowed my partners and I to protect our families, our business and our staff at price points comfortable to all.  His annual Forensic Audits allow us to confirm and/or negotiate our rates with our carrier from a logical, factual and fair platform.   


Edward Ugrin, PEng. – Managing Partner

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta





I greatly appreciate Jim's professional advice and follow through.  The financial rewards to our benefits program via his annual Forensic Audits have been terrific. Our bottom line premium outlay has improved by approx. $20,000.00 annually as a result of implementing the HYBRIDRX strategy to our Health, Dental & Vision coverage.  


David Gregg, CMA – Human Resources Manager

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta  





We changed plan design, contract wording and implemented a Hybrid plan all at the same time.  Jim's keen sense of my staff's feelings and hands on approach resulted in a process that left everyone confident, informed and assured.  Our HYBRIDRX program has saved us thousands in annual premium outlays.     


Judy Godfrey - Vice President, 

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta


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