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For employers, understanding how Health, Dental & Vision group benefits are priced is a very advantageous position to be in. Making decisions on "Smoke & Mirror" scenarios can be costly.  Unfortunately, I have yet to meet anyone who, for whatever reason, understands what information they need to make an informed decision.  Most decisions are wobbly attempts that lead back to disappointment, confusion and, for the most part the same old, same old!


Most business owners know that smart financial decisions are not luck based.  Our "Forensic Audit" is the only tool that helps employers discover the important facts needed in making decisions regarding their plans financial position.  If you're tired  of not knowing what questions to ask, or tired of putting off group benefit decisions, our "Forensic Audit" is the tool you've been waiting for, the tool you want.  It is the foundation of the decision making process. 



                                        Your business has two funding choices for its  plan:


                          A.  Traditional insured Plans (most common & most expensive)

                          B .  HYBRID insured plans (least common, least expensive)



               Why do most employers pick the expensive route? My "TOP-TWO" answers are:


                                                             A.  Lack of knowledge and,

                                                              B   Lack of Knowledge




Jim really adds value to our group benefits package.  His annual Forensic Review of our plan’s financial position led us to the opportunities of a HYBRIDRX strategy which we seamlessly added in 2011. We improved the overall coverage and added our own “Fee Free” drug card.  The savings have been fantastic!  See my story under the "Jackie's Story" tab above.


Jackie Jernigan Controller,

Winnipeg., Manitoba


Forget everything you thought you knew about Employer Group Benefits.  This guy is the "Pit Bull" of the business.  If you own your own business, do yourself a favor and meet Jim.  He is a superb, straight forward advisor! 


John Ridge – President,

Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario





If you're a proactive company, not afraid to experience new concepts that will challenge how history has taught you to think,  we'd appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to our HYBRIDRX approach.



Most know that CPP falls miserably short of supporting a comfortable retirement.  An employer sponsored Register Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)  could be the help your staff need to reach their retirement goals.


For business owners or high-income executives who need more contribution room than what is allowed under RRSP, an Individual or Personal Pension Plan can be much more beneficial than a regular RRSP.


In the final years of employment, these are the benefits that most staff are keeping an eye on. No one disputes  the value of having a nest egg at retirement.




Targeted, quality products

that address the specific coverage needs of your company, delivered from  hassle free platfoms is generally the list topper with most employers. 


Not by coincedence, your staff members feel exactly the same way.  Their expectation from these, the most frequently used of all group products, is that the products and services they depend on will be delivered from service platforms that satisfy their needs while building confidence in the program their company has in place for them.




Many times the forgotten benefits.  That is, if you ask a staff member about their goup benefits, Health, Dental & Vision are, for the most part, what they will talk about. 


Employers welcome the opportunity for their staff to protect their financial security, as well as that of their family.  Whether providing a lump sum payment, a weekly or monthly stream of income, it's difficult to put a price tag on the peace of mind these benefits provide.



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We almost cancelled our entire Group Benefits program due to rising costs.  Jim did what our previous representation told us was impossible.  His annual Forensic Audit helps the lay person understand and manage the financial end of group benefits.    We are most grateful for the good fortune of meeting Jim.


Sandra Ebata - Human Resources Manager,

Winnipeg,  Manitoba 







Jim's efforts in the past years have saved our benefits program thousands. More importantly, contract wording and provisions are tailored to our protection needs. The service is fantastic.  Jim is a highly focused and dedicated professional.


K. G. Griffith (Kim Gordon) AIPFM,  ICIA Winnipeg, Manitoba   


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